You have now safely landed on a a very unique service.
SFSA Flight Support give you, both as a flight crew (both private and commercial pilots), business operators and as a business traveler, access to the essential support you need to get airborne and works worldwide on any device.
From online flight planning, concierge services by request, online service for your transport to your aircraft to gain access to the ever expanding aviation services marketplace for aviation services.
All this via one easy-to-use digital portal.

(*FBO=Fixed Base Operator.
We are partly acting as a so called virtual FBO with some similarities to how an FBO works besides that we do not provide aeronautical services such as fueling, hangaring, tie-down and parking, aircraft rental, aircraft maintenance, flight instruction and similar services).


SFSA Flight Support partners CarTrawler

SFSA Flight Support partners CarTrawler to launch Car Hire & Transfer Service.
SFSA Flight Support has partnered with CarTrawler, the leading provider of online car rental distribution systems, launching both car hire and transfer services for its customers.

The partnership enables SFSA Flight Support to offer seamless transport service to our customers throughout their journeys.

We have integrated the service digitally so that our customers can make their bookings through our website and our mobile website from anywhere.

Globally, CarTrawler offers attractive rates for car hire in over 30,000 locations in more than 145 countries, and with over 1,200 international suppliers.

How do I get there?

Choose from any of the three options below

QR code


Iphone or other apple devices

1. Open the camera app
2. Aim the camera at the QR code you see next to it or to the right
3. A pop-up notice from the safari should appear that you click on
4. Select language (9)


Android devices: (eg If you have a Samsung phone)

1. Then you need to download an app that reads qr codes. (ex. Barcode Scanner)
2. Scan the qr code that you see next to it or to the right with the app
3. Open in any web browser
4. Select language (9)


Enter directly via the following link and then select one of the 9 languages specified


Here you will find all airports or airfields in Sweden open for traffic.
From Stockholm/Arlanda airport to the shortest grassfield you can find. The airport web pages are produced and edited by our own organisation based on information provided from the airport owners and valid local regulation, AIP, etc.

Crew Info
Crew Info

Our service CrewInfo gives you numerous options for your flight planning, including third-party links such as AIS / MET, etc.

Car Rental

Car Rental

Selected car rental companies by SFSA Flight Support.. 
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Selected airlines by SFSA Flight Support...
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Selected airlines by SFSA Flight Support... 
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Airport Transfer

Airport Transfer

Selected airport transfer by SFSA Flight Support...
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