Legal information

Legal information

  • Company name and address- SFSA Holding KB (LP), Box 29002, SE-100 52 Stockholm, Sweden
  • MD- Mr. Per M. Olsson
  • CEO- Mr. Per M. Olsson
  • Company headquarters- Stockholm, Sweden
  • Registration Office- Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket),
  • VAT Number- SE 969711270501
    VIES VAT number validation:
  • Registered No- 969711-2705
  • Bank- SEB, 106 40 Stockholm, Sweden
  • IBAN- SE7250000000052731014229
  • Swift-Code (BIC)-ESSESESS
    1.) - Please do not mix our company name (SFSA Holding KB) with an entirely different company based in Landvetter, Sweden, which has a similar name (SFS Holding AB) but operates in a completely different industry, namely shipping. Our company has nothing in common with the company SFS Holding AB.
    2.) - SFSA Holding KB does not operate any "Regular sea and coastal passenger traffic" or "Non-regular air transport of passengers"
  • About a holding company:-A holding company is normally a company that owns shares in other companies. However, despite its name, SFSA Holding does not own shares in other companies.
    Our company is primarily a consulting company within the aviation industry.
    SFSA Holding KB consists of three (3) different parts within the aerospace industry which is the primary reason for our name holding.
Liability for content

Liability for content
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NOTE: LP(Limited Partnership) is the English name of the Swedish KB(Kommanditbolag)
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SFSA Holding KB (LP)
Box 29002
SE-100 52 Stockholm, Sweden


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