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  • Usage of cookies- A cookie, either temporary or persistent, is a small file that is saved in your computer. Typically, websites use cookies to enhance your experience of download times and logging in.
  • Measuring use of our website (Google Analytics)- We use Google Analytics on our website to estimate user numbers and traffic so that we can improve our website. Google Analytics stores cookies in your browser and registers the user´s IP address. Since IP addresses are considered to be personal data, SFSA Holding KB (LP) / SFSA Flight Support removes the last part ofthe IP addresses before the information is stored by Google, so that personal information is not collected or stored. Received information is subject to Google's privacy guidelines.
  • User surveys- We regularly make user surveys to improve our services.
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  • Manage or opt out of using cookies- If you wish to manage or opt out of using cookies, you can do so by setting you browser to not accept certain or all cookies. For how to do this, please see your browser´s help information or visit If you choose to do so we cannot guarantee that our website will work properly, and we cannot be held responsible for any errors you may experience.

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