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DK-SE Functional Airspace Block (DK-SE FAB)
HLG (High Level Group)

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DK-SE FAB - Partners

DK-SE FAB is a partnership established, and equally owned,
by NAVIAIR (Denmark) and LFV Holding AB (Sweden) called NUAC
(Nordic Unified Air traffic Control), an integrated ATS provider.
On behalf of LFV and Naviair NUAC is responsible for En route operations and the 
operations in the control centres (ATCC) in  Copenhagen, Malmø and Stockholm called DK-SE FAB.




Entire EU

  1. NUAC - is one of the tools used by LFV and Naviair to realize the ambitions to meet the demands from the customers to enhance the service and lower costs and at the same time contribute to the harmonisation of ATM in Europe and meeting the EUs aim concerning harmonisation through SES. Through NUAC, it's also ensure continued improvement in the efficiency of ATM and carry out continuous development and optimisation of the utilisation of airspace. See more?
  2. European Commission - About NUAC (Nordic Unified Air traffic Control). See more?
  3. NAVIAIR - Naviair has been designated by the Danish Transport and Construction Agency to provide aviation infrastructure and is therefore an important player in society. Naviair’s core activity is air navigation services. Naviair has activities both in Danish airspace and North Atlantic airspace. The activities cover four areas: En route – Denmark, En route – Greenland, Local Air Traffic Services and Other areas of activity. Expressed in terms of revenue, En route – Denmark is the biggest area of activity. See more?
  4. LFV AB - At the beginning of 2011, Sweden and Denmark took a big step towards a united airspace. Parts of both parent companies' operations (LFV and Navair) were integrated into the joint enterprise NUAC. By 1st of July 2012, the integration was completed and both countries' airspace started to function as one. From 1 july 2012 NUAC is running the three ATCCs in Copenhagen, Malmoe and Stockholm and provides en route operations to DK-SE Functional Airspace Block plus delivers Operationell Support accordingly to formal agreements with Naviair and LFV. See more?
  5. borealis ALLIANCE- The VISION of Borealis is to be the leading ANSP Alliance that enables its members to drive better performance for stakeholders through business collaboration. See more?
  6. The Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen) - The Civil Aviation and Maritime Department formulates regulations, examines and grants permits, as well as assessing civil aviation with particular regard to safety and security. And they monitor developments in the aviation market.         See more? 
  7. Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority (Trafik-, Bygge- og Boligstyrelsen) - Civil Aviation - The Transport, Construction and Housing Authority’s Centre for Civil Aviation undertakes safety-related regulation of safety in relation to civil aviation’s infrastructure, such as civil aviation services and airports, with their related systems.The Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority is an authority under the Ministry of Transport, Building, and Housing with responsibility and tasks across railway, road and air transport.See more?

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